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November 16, 2020
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An Upright Vacuum Cleaner Does More than Vacuum

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Did you know that the actual name of the vacuum cleaner is 'upright vacuum cleaner'? This multipurpose cleaner originated during the 1860's and it can come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some even comes with a bag while others are sans-bag. It can be used in the office as well as at home for the purpose of exterminating dust from furniture, upholstery, curtains and wall corners.

When the upright vacuum cleaner was first introduced it was not an electric device which we are so familiar with today. Instead when a person needed to clean their floors they would have to try and guide the device while cranking a handle at the same time. This was more trouble than good so back to the drawing board the inventors went.

Inventors were looking for ways to clean up sawdust or any other particulars that might collect on the floor. The device needed to be easy to use and would work even better if a form of electricity could be hooked to it. Not for sure how to make an upright vacuum cleaner that could use electricity Bissell Carpet Sweepers introduced a carpet sweeper that was push powered.

In 1901 the upright vacuum cleaner took on a new meaning. The machine not only could suck up dust but it was motorized. Unfortunately this innovation was only able to sit in a van and a very long hose would need to be run into the businesses for cleaning the floors. These devices were only something the wealthy could afford.

Over the years the design of the upright vacuum cleaner was improved and the price brought down so anyone could afford the machine. There are many households that prefer the vacuum on wheels that can be plugged into an outlet and guided over floors for collecting dust, dirt, animal hair and so on.

When purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner you will need to decide if you want it with or without a bag. When there is a bag everything that the vacuum sucks up will go directly to the bag and keep collecting until it is full and gets changed. A bag-less vacuum means there is a see-through container located in front of the device. Everything that is sucked up goes inside the container and can be easily emptied in the trash after each use.

If you would like to dust the house without throwing dust in the air then get an upright vacuum cleaner with attachments. The attachments might include a dusting brush for reaching the blades on the ceiling fan, a crevice tool for reaching the corners of the ceiling and collecting the dust bunnies, or an upholstery tool for safely sucking up dust and particulars from the furniture.


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