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September 12, 2020
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A Quality Glass Cleaner Can Work Wonders

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Class, comfort, and beauty are all added to your home when you have hardwood furniture and glass table tops. Through the everyday wear and tear of fingerprints and scratches, your furniture may not have the same appeal as before. The use of a high quality glass cleaner can help maintain and restore your glass table tops, keeping them in pristine condition.

Cleaning Tips For Everyone

While many people will have several brands of glass cleaner, thinking one is better for one job over another, you really only need to have one quality brand of glass cleaner. Careful selection of your product will give you the cleaning and beautiful streak-free shine you desire. However, be sure to read the instructions that come with the product. For example, if the glass cleaner says it's 'not safe for all materials,' you should protect those surfaces with a soft cloth so you don't damage the finish.

Just as with glass cleaners, a high quality furniture polish can work wonders on your old scratched furniture. If you attempt to get by with the cheapest product, you may begin to notice a build up on the finish that can quickly lead to a dulling effect. When applying furniture polish, you should always do so in the same direction as the grain of the wood for a deep effective cleaning.

A Small Chip In Glass Can Be A Large Problem

If you have large chips in your glass table tops, it's best to leave repairing them to a professional. However, if the chips or scratches are small, you might want to try to fix them yourself. Start with some emery paper and water, carefully buffing the area in a circular motion and applying very light pressure. Continue with the emery paper until the scratch is no longer visible. Then, use a hard felt buffing pad and polish to finish the job.

When a chip appears on a wooden surface, it can often be repaired with some matching wood putty followed by a clear coat sealer. After applying the wood putty, allow it dry. A light sanding will make the surface smooth again. Follow the sanding with a clear coat to give an even finish. A small dent in the wood's surface can be fixed by placing a soaked cloth with cold water on top of the dent. Use an iron to heat the cloth and soon the dent will fill in. A light buffing will finish the repair.

Scratches Can Be Fixed

Over time and simply from everyday use, your glass table tops may obtain many light scratches. The combination of scratches on top of each other can give the glass a dull appearance. These can often be removed with a light buffing pad. Hardwood scratches, if not too deep, can often be removed by rubbing a piece of waxed paper over the scratch. Furniture polish applied according to directions followed by a light buffing will work on deeper scratches. If you have a scratch that goes through the finish, a few extra tips may be needed. Clear fingernail polish works great for filling small areas in the wood. Wax sticks that are color coordinated to match most wood finishes can fill a scratch.

It doesn't take long to keep your wood furniture and glass table tops looking like new. Just follow these simple tips and work with a quality products and you're set.


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