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July 18, 2020
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Personalising Your Diy Conservatory

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Crestings and finials are the decorative fittings that run along the top of your conservatory roof. A choice of crestings and finials are available with diy conservatories conservatory roofs, dependant on which system you choose. Ranging from the ultra modern pikestaff finial and renaissance cresting to the more traditional classic and baroque combination, there are crestings and finials to suit all tastes.

Top cappings
The bars run between the panels in the roof of your conservatory are covered with protective top cappings, which aid the thermal efficiency of the roof. We can offer a choice of designs for these top cappings to give either a streamlined contemporary appearance or a more rounded traditional look.

Dentil mouldings
A decorative cladding that can be added underneath the guttering on your conservatory for an extra touch of flair.

Glazing options
Another important decision to make when designing your conservatory is the choice of glazing material for the roof - glass or polycarbonate.

If you're specifically wanting to bring a lot more light into your home, then a glass roof is the right choice for you. Conservaglass is specially engineered for the needs of a conservatory roof. Conservaglass works by deflecting heat from the sun in the summer to keep the inside of the conservatory cool and by retaining the warmth from heating appliances in the winter.

It also features a true self clean coating that uses the power of the sun to break down organic deposits and then uses rain water to wash it clean away.

Polycarbonate is a lower cost alternative to glass but still provides excellent thermal properties and aesthetics. Polycarbonates is available in a range of colours, thickness and specifications:

Clear, Opal, Bronze, Bronze/opal, Solar control Polyspan optimum - available in blue or grey. Offer superb solar control properties and excellent heat retention in winter.

This is a range of decorative strips that style the inside of your conservatory. There are a range of designs that are available as strips which simply click into place enabling you to change the design at will. Choose from the range of traditional, contemporary or Mediterranean designs to suit the decorative theme of your new conservatory. For those who already have a diy conservatory, diy conservatories can be retro fitted to most Victorian style conservatories dating back as far as 1998.

A range of decorative ceiling fans is available to enhance your diy conservatory and provide additional ventilation during the warmer months of the year. Available in a variety of designs with or without light fittings and the choice of an optional remote control, there's sure to be a fan to suit you. Colours range from mahogany blades with brass fittings through to more contemporary fans with beech chrome fittings.

Tie bars
A tie bar is sometimes specified to help support the weight of a large roof or one that is fitted with glass. the position of the tie bar is dictated by engineering principles, and so they must be fitted.

Consider your choice of floor covering carefully. If you plan to use your conservatory as a sitting room then a carpet gives an inviting feel. If you have children who will be coming in from the garden, through the conservatory, then laminate flooring or tiles make a practical and contemporary alternative.

Heating needs to be considered in the planning stage, especially if your conservatory will be north facing. There are various options including:

Extending your homes central heating system
Fitting under floor heating
Electric wall heaters
Freestanding appliances
For south facing conservatories, freestanding appliances are a good idea as they can be removed from the conservatory during the warmer summer months, creating extra space.

This is important to create the right ambience in your conservatory. Low voltage spotlights can be fitted into the roof of your conservatory and are available in either a brass or white finish. A selection of lamps and wall lights placed around the conservatory will help to create a cosy feel for enjoying your conservatory in the evening.


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