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April 18, 2020
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Oriental Rug Cleaning and Care - Making Your Investment Last

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Oriental rug cleaning and care is a simple process of following a few steps to keep it lasting for years. Don't take your beloved rug and let it age due to a few common factors.

Oriental rug care is something that you should consider early on in the life of the rug. If you are careful early on, the rug will look nice and only need a little care. If you let things slip and don't care for your rug, you will have to pay the price of repairs, professional cleaning, and permanent stains. Keeping a rug looking natural and beautiful is like maintaining a classic car. There small yet important things that you need to do periodically for your oriental rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Care in a few simple steps.

The sun is going to ruin your rug if you leave it in direct sunlight. To prevent this do your best to put your oriental rug in areas where there isn't as much sunlight or cover windows that show too much sunlight onto your rug. You can also flip your rug around so that one side isn't soaking in all the sun all the time. This will help your rugs colors last longer.

Watch out for areas where you rug is walked on. Sometimes one side of the rug is walked on all the time while the other doesn't get as much attention. This is known as uneven wear. Make sure you flip the rug around from time to time just like in the sun damage tip.

Vacuuming a rug can keep a rug lasting much longer because it takes away the deeper dirt that can tend wear a rug over time. Make sure that you vacuum both the front and the back of the rug. Vacuuming is not just about keeping the rug clean. When a rug is vacuumed, it allows weaving on the rug to straighten out.

Although vacuuming a rug helps, it can be done improperly causing harm to your rug. It's better to use a vacuum extension since it's easier on the rug such as the vacuum hose. Sometimes more powerful vacuums are so powerful they cause harm to rugs. Also be careful around the fringe of a rug since it can get stuck and ruined.

Get your oriental rug a rug pad. Rug pads aren't necessarily for comfort. They are there to hold the rug in place not allowing it to bunch up on itself. A pad will extend the life of the rug over time.


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