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Affordable and effortless dance lessons Adult and youth dance and fitness classes in Northwest Fort Worth. Adult classes: Ballroom, latin, country western dance. Zumba and yoga fitness. Burlesque workout classes, plus we will be adding Pilates and bellydancing soon. Youth classes: Jazz, Hip Hop and Youth ballroom. We expect to add ballet soon.
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4524 Boat Club Road, Suite 150
Fort Worth, TX
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Sarah Hopp
Sarah Hopp started her dance career at the young age of five. Her experience in different genres are as followed; tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, clogging, modern, hip hop, african, and lyrical. She started under the direction of Janet Schenk at Act One Dance Studio for ten years. Once in high school, she joined drill team in which she held the position of Captain her senior year.
Gloria Villalobos-Hernandez
Hi, my name is Gloria Villalobos-Hernandez. Dancing, Tae Kwon Do, Zumba, family time, and work are what I do. I have over 20 years of dance performance experience, almost 20 years of dance instruction experience, practiceTae Kwon Do, am the mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of a very patient, supportive husband, oh yes, and I have a very demanding career as a Construction Manager for one of the largest airports in the world. I am dedicated to helping people find their road to wellness and a better quality of life through exercise.
Vicky Wu
Vicky first began her dance career at age eight taking classes in the most popular dance craze of the time DISCO! This was followed by more years of lessons in styles including square dancing, and of course the foundational dances of tap, jazz and ballet. Vicky began teaching dance at age 14 and even added a stint with breakdancing to her repertoire.
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